Pioneer Das-Dgc 020R RCA

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¥ 22,500  (~ 4.230.000 đ)

It becomes a set of two. 
Although it is using several times it is a beautiful item.

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Mô Tả Sản Phẩm


■ A braided shield with high shielding ratio is adopted as a shielding material, and noise due to charging and static electricity is suppressed. 
■ By applying a cable net, it prevents external insulators from being damaged, and reduces induced noise to other adjacent cables. 
■ It is a cable structure that realizes high flexibility, is easy to handle, and does not place a burden on the terminals of the equipment.

Cable Coaxial 1 core shielded, outer diameter: 5.1 mm, directional located 
Conductor tinned annealed copper wire: 1 /0.60mm Shield: [0.1Mmx6-ply] x24 present 
Plug RCA pin plug, the outer shell: Brass + Black nickel plated / Thread: brass + gold-plated, φ13.5mmx51mm 
terminal brass + gold-plated 
Length / bundled number of 2m / 1 this 
Characteristic impedance of 75Ω 
Country of origin Japan

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